This is one of our underdogs, Christopher. Please check out our blog to learn about his inspirational story. #retro #retrounderdog #ru #fashion #tshirt #shirt #tee #style #stylish #trendy #shop #clothing #like #follow #followme #unique #cool #love #amazing #TagsForLikes #picoftheday #cvi #happy #cute #inspirational


This is one of our underdogs, Christopher. Please check out our blog to learn about his inspirational story.
#retro #retrounderdog #ru #fashion #tshirt #shirt #tee #style #stylish #trendy #shop #clothing #like #follow #followme #unique #cool #love #amazing #TagsForLikes #picoftheday #cvi #happy #cute #inspirational

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well that worked out rather nicely…

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I have recently hit 2,000+ followers! Thank you so much!! While this may seem like a small amount to some of my peers, this is huge for me, and I want to say a huge thank you to all of my followers new and old. So I’m holding my very first illustration giveaway! Please read everything below if you want in!

DISCLAIMER: this giveaway is completely and responsibly hosted by me and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Tumblr in any way.


A fully colored character illustration by me! Any character of your choice, existing, fan-made, or original, with up to 2 characters total. You can request a specific style, (like art nouveau or super cartoony) or I can work in mine! This is basically a $200 illustration commission from me, but free for you! All of my commission rules as to what I will and will not draw apply, (tl;dr - just keep your requests clean and tasteful).


  • You must be 18+ years old to enter.
  • Have your ask box turned on.
  • You must be following me. The purpose of this giveaway is to thank you, my followers!
  • Reblog this post to your main account for +1 entry. I will not be counting likes, and will not count reblogs made to side blogs.
  • Reblog to your main as many times as you like for more entries, but please be courteous to your followers.

And since I am not physically mailing anything for this giveaway, it’s open to anyone internationally. As long as you can tell me what you want me to draw and have an e-mail address that can accept big files, you’re good!

You have until Thursday May 1st, 2014 at 9:00pm PST to enter! I will choose one winner at random using and will immediately contact the winner through their ask box. If no response is received within 48 hours, that person automatically forfeits the prize and I will choose another winner by repeating the process.

Before I say good luck, I just want to say thank you so, so much for all your support. Thank you for every follow, for every like, for allowing me to occupy a little space on your dashboard and for spreading my work. The art road is a tough one to follow and I rely on every follower to keep plowing through the difficult days. Thanks again, and… GOOD LUCK!!

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0scharlachrot0 asked: I miss your beautiful face.





you’re welcome

Now I miss you more.

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aw shit get it wednesday

HA! I almost forgot to reblog this today 

Every Wednesday from now on. 

Its wednesday yo


aw shit get it wednesday

HA! I almost forgot to reblog this today 

Every Wednesday from now on. 

Its wednesday yo

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Dedicated to my dear friend Katie… and her great aversion to stairs

Dedicated to my dear friend Katie… and her great aversion to stairs

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Sometimes thats just life

Sometimes thats just life

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It’s been a while since the last #WriteFit challenge, in which I set both writing and exercise goals for a certain period of time. My dear friend Katie wanted to do another challenge since last year she ended up writing 50,000 words in the month of October!! Huzzah!

The challenge has extended to also include #ReadFit, which means setting both reading and fitness goals. She does a much better job explaining it all in the video.

Feel free to join Katie and myself by posting your progress here on Tumblr, or on Twitter using the #WriteFit or #ReadFit tags.

Throwing it out there right now, my goal is to write everyday and exercise five times a week, with the hopes of perhaps completing another novel. I have a few ideas floating around in my head, so it should be a very productive April!

April WriteFit & ReadFit Challenge!

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Everyone watch this



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Oscar nominees Best Animated Feature 2014

Earlier today this article was brought to my attention, in which it becomes clear that some of the Academy voters have little to no respect for the animation industry. They openly admit not having watched the nominated films and/or claiming that animated films are for kids, so they didn’t vote. Even the ones shown in the article that did vote barely motivated their choice.

I find this extremely disrespectful of the animators who poured their heart and soul into making these movies, only to have their work be pushed aside without a second glance by the judges of one of the most prominent and well known film awards out there. As an aspiring animator, I am deeply insulted.

Please note that in this post I am expressing no opinion on whether Frozen should have won or not. I think it’s a wonderful film, just as all the other nominees. I am simply saying that we deserve better.

What they did is disrespectful to the creators of every single one of these films, even Frozen. By barely motivating their choice, they make it look like they voted for Frozen simply because of Disney’s status in the industry. Because it’s Disney, and it made a lot of money, so it had to be at least somewhat good. To me it seems like some of the voters just defaulted to voting for the Disney film, and nobody likes to win by default.

Don’t get me wrong, I too have been guilty of loving Disney simply because it’s Disney, but there is so much more beautiful animation out there and it deserves to be taken into consideration. And if Frozen won, it should have won because the majority of the voters thought it was the best film, not because part of the voters was too lazy to even watch the nominated films.

I very rarely reblog here but this sums up a lot of my feelings about the Oscars this year :(

I want so badly to just educate people in film about the real craft of animation. I think so much of the dismissal simply comes from a place of ignorance. It doesn’t hurt any less, but it gives me hope that spreading knowledge will help bring a change in the condescending attitude so many people have towards animation.


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